Wednesday, April 16, 2008

S. Strengths & Weaknesses

S. - Strength and weaknesses of this activity for life time fitness

  • describe in detail the positive health and fitness benefits associated with participation in this activity.
  • describe in detail the limitations of this activity for the promotion of life time health and fitness.

Consider the components of fitness that your activity does/does not emphasize. Consider the safety, cost, accessibility, etc. Consider the wellness benefits beyond the physical.

Due 5/5


yOos said...

One of the biggest advantages in Ultimate is the enormous amount of pros compared to such few cons. In Ultimate players build strength and stamina while also developing character traits such as determination and unity. Since there is so much running required players will get in very good shape if they play the sport frequently. There is also a lot of muscle endurance required in the sport since you are consistently jumping and throwing the Frisbee. But perhaps one of the most important pros learned in the sport of Ultimate is Team Unity. Learning to work together and cooperate as a team will help you a lot in the future. Whether at work or home the ability to work well with someone is always needed.
However any sport will have its cons and Ultimate is no exception. Ultimate Frisbee is geared much more towards fit young players so some elderly people may find it difficult to keep up with the fast-pace nature of the game. Also there is a somewhat high risk of injury because of the mild contact required to fully play Ultimate. But overall I believe that Ultimate is an awesome sport where the pros far outweigh the cons.

minjaeroh said...

The benefits of playing table tennis to health is

Your arm muscles and reflex skills are strengened when you play it. it also improves your hand-eye coordination.

for safety rules of table tennis are

make sure you get a proper warm up before starting play. Warming up involves 5-15 minutes of light physical activity to elevate your heart rate and breathing rate, increase your blood flow and make your muscles warmer.

Serious athletes may require even more activity to fully get ready for the exertion ahead. Then follow up with some gentle stretching to finish the warm up.

Janette said...

Positive Health Benefits

It is a cardiovascular work because turning and controlling your self takes endurance. This helps you not have strokes, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases.
Because skiing makes your blood flow it improves your circulatory system which increases alertness
Helps getting good cholesterol and getting rid of bad cholesterol
Helps control body weight because you are using your a lot of muscles in your body.
Self esteem and confidence is a benefit of most sport including skiing.
Helps with coordination and balance because a skier has balance their weight on skies and poles.
Skiing is a life time sport. A 4 year old or and 80 year old can do it.
People with disabilities are still able to ski with special devices and/or aids

Negative Aspects of Skiing/ Limitations

Check with a doctor before skiing for the first time to make sure you are able to perform all tasks needed to during skiing.
Only available to ski in cold, snowy, and hilly areas.
Can be very expensive compared to other sports. Some things you need are a lift ticket, boots, skis, binding that go on the skies, traveling fees, ski jacket, warm clothes, and lodge food.
You can over do skiing so give your self time to rest at the lodge.
If you go to very high altitudes you can not take in as much oxygen. You can get headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite, and vomiting.
It is best to take classes to learn
Can be dangerous if you are not careful

Ivy.Jung said...

1: Through Jump Rope Exercises You Can Burn up to 1000 Calories an Hour
Because you’re utilizing all the major muscle groups of your entire body, both upper and lower, you will burn an incredible amount of fat during your RopeSport workout – up to 1000 calories an hour! That’s more calories than virtually any other exercise in existence and something that makes RopeSport truly unique. Even a 15 – 20 minute workout will burn lots of fat and help improve your overall fitness level. Jump ropes fitness videos help all those from every age.
#2: Jump Rope Will Tone Your Entire Body
Jumping rope is a fantastic exercise for shaping all the major muscle groups of the lower and upper body. Beginning with the lower body, jumping rope will do wonders for your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes (i.e. your butt). What you may not realize, however, is how the constant turning motion of the rope will also shape and tone the entire upper body including your chest, back, deltoids (shoulders), forearms, biceps and triceps. In fact, when just beginning your RopeSport jumprope program, you might be surprised at just how great an upper body “burn” you’re going to get. If you’re trying to develop long, lean, “cut” muscles from head to toe - the kind of body most people are looking for - the RopeSport workout is just what the doctor ordered.

can twist your ankle or knee
the knee/back stress you’re creating. This is why it’s important to learn the proper technique for jumping rope, and double/triple jumping sparingly (the added height to the jump puts a lot of stress on your lower back and knees

Cristiane said...

In scuba diving the biggest weakness is that if you dont know what you are doing, you could die easily. A major strength is that while you are excersising major muscle groups you are also enjoying what scubba offers, which is to just enjoy and explore the area and have fun with what you are doing.

nick said...

Running does have a lot to offer. Running can give a person so many positive outcomes just from how much or where one would go for a jog. Many enjoy it, almost as much as they enjoy going for a joy ride in a convertible. Seriosly though, many pros and cons to consider with running's strength and weaknesses. Some pros is that it gives weight control and reduces the risk of Heart Disease. As a matter of fact, a Danish Doctor, by the name of Dr.Peter Schnohr, came to a conclusion that on average joggers live five to seven years longer verses those who don't jog. Running can be beneficial to the bones, especially the femur. Also, it's believed that some time spent jogging every week bonuses visual memory and over all power to concentrate better. Runing may even help some to better their emotional life. Some cons is that running and jogging exert much more strain on the body than walking. In fact, it can give the joints of the lower body four times as much as the normal body weight. However you look at it, running does have quite a few cons, and if you have medical conditions, especially heart ones, you probably need to avoid it a little. However, overall running is a good thing. The way it increases oxygen intake to the lungs and brain, opens arteries, relieves stress, and many other things as well, it should be an activity to consider. If you can go for a jog, or a run, definetly think about doing it.

Michelle said...

There are a lot of advantages of taking karate. People who do karate are usually in better health then people who don't do karate. It helps you lose weight and stay in shape. It improves your reaction time, coordination, and balance. It (obviously) has a great self-defense benefit. It teaches people a lot about self-confidence and self-discipline. A lot of people like karate because it demands a lot of you without being a crazy suicidal sport. It is an in-your face sport that gives a lot back.
There are disadvantages however. Karate requires a lot of your time for classes and at home practice. You will be pushed to your breaking point a lot, especially during tests. Some karate schools charge a lot for classes. And there's always the chance that you will be seriously injured. It is a very dangerous sport, so you can't play around like in other sports, because there is a chance you could kill someone. It sounds horrible, but the pros do outweigh the cons because there's a very small chance of that. Many people take it seriously and it makes it a fun and enjoyable sport.

Chris Maloney said...

Golf is a lifetime activity that does not strain the body in a way that would make an age cap for the sport. Many elderly people enjoy golf, because it is light exercise, and makes a great hobby. It is a very safe activity, but the cost can add up. There are many courses all over, and its not hard to get a membership to a golf clup. Golf is good exercise, but it would be good to do some additional exercise in addition to it.

James said...

Strengths of Mountain Biking
-relatively inexpensive
-few equipment requirements
-easy to participate in
-can be done in a group or by yourself
-builds up leg muscles that many other sports do not
-varied skill requirements (ie. The rider can choose a trail that suits his/her riding style).
-Bikes can be ridden anywhere, but it is also relatively easy to find trails near you.
-Great for your cardio-vascular system.
-Can be participated in at almost any age.

-It can be difficult to find more advanced level trails close by.
-Works little to none of the upper body (carrying the bike through obstacles can work some upperbody, but not enough to be beneficial.)
-Takes more time to really get a thorough workout.

Sammy.P said...

Snowboarding is great for improving and upkeeping cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance and strength. Endurance in the legs and core comes from the constant strain on the body to keep upright as your legs act as shock absorbers to lessen the impact to your torso and head. cardio comes from when you have to move on flat ground or skate with one foot out of the binding, It is alot more demanding than most would think. It also improves reaction time and altogether awareness.
The weaknesses of snowboarding is that it does little to improve arm strength except for after you fall. Also the learning curve is fairly slow, but once you reach a certain point it becomes natural.

tee tee said...

Swimming is a lifelong activity.
The biggest strength of swimming is you get a whole body workout, and you are forced to have a rhythmatic intake and outake of air. Bettering your lung capacity. Swimming applies to all parts of FITT.
Swimming can be excercised for a variety of purposes. Competition, recreation and occupation.
There arent many weaknesses to swimming unless you are an amputee, even then though, it is used as PT to make the other muscles stronger. Another weakness can be not being aware of the risks of swimming. Drowning.
You can swim anywhere there is public access to swimable water..most of the time you wont have to pay. Life gaurds are usually required to be on duty.